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January 15

Me: One more thing-go to fucking hell. U mother fucking prick. Fucking ruined my life. I hope every girl u ever try to bang knows truly who u really r. A fucking sociopath.
Jack: I feel bad u mistake this for love. i swear i wont send nemore

January 17 

Still crying.
He felt bad I mistook what we had. That I mistook “this” for love.
It’s ok, it’s ok, I told myself at work, in the shower, putting grocer- ies in my trunk. I moaned and blubbered into toilet paper as I peed. Nothing pushed me faster to a pizza/potatoes/ice cream epidemic then nervous breakdowning on my toilet.
If I was in this much pain, I must be on his mind in some way.
I begged for amnesia or a brain tumor before we ended up a feature story on Dateline and 48 Hours