Brimming with California Charm and a Woman's Lust Struck Mind - A review on Christy Heron and her novel Unrequited

I can't put Unrequited down
After reading a recent interview, and speaking to Christy Heron personally, I could tell this book was going to be riveting. I felt a sort of Chelsea Handler, meets 50 Shades, meets Southern California beach town vibe, and I hadn't even opened the book yet.  Her eccentric personality and merely the book’s cover made me eager to start reading: Unrequited - One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends and, Vodka.

In Ms. Heron’s interview she provided this short summary of her book:

“It’s about a girl, January Estlin, who falls in love with a boy, Jack, a.k.a. Short Fat Fuck, who doesn't love her back. That is where the blasé part of it the story ends. It follows them, and the other crazy characters in their orbit, over the course of several years, where they continue to gravitate toward one another, even though he doesn't feel the same way she does. They can’t stop. Their ongoing tryst, which stalls at times, survives through turmoil, death, jail, addition mental illness, promiscuity and other relationships.”

Once I did pick it up, I couldn't put it down. As an audience you can feel and sympathize with the characters, through the details and dialogue, their emotions become yours.  It’s obvious Ms. Heron drew not only from society but from her own personal experiences. “…my life is extraordinary. Not in a fantastic be-jealous-of-me way, and not in a terrible way. In a very unheard of way. Until crazy shit stops happening to me – which prompts interesting stories and then morph into even better stories –I won’t stop documenting them. I can’t.” It is easy to sense Ms. Heron’s presence through her words. Inspired by her surrounding and able to get them down on paper the way she does make Unrequited unique and exhilarating.

To hear Christy's interview with Dave Congalton click the following link and fast forward 19 minutes and 20 seconds in- Dave Congalton Inteview