Christy Heron Supporting Our Troops

 Christy Heron and Waverly Blonde Books & Easiest/Hardest Publishing is Proud to Support Our Troops through Books.

In 2014 Armand Rosemalia and David Rose began collecting author signed books in a variety of genres for soldiers in remote areas. These books, novels, novellas, etc. are personally sent out by these men and woman with the support of so many others behind the scenes by means of financial donations and authors around the country sending their art.  Many of the troops receiving these books have little to no access to internet, television and most other means of technological entertainment that we here in the states take complete advantage of.

Everyday our soldiers our putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom, one of those being freedom of speech, press and media and isn’t that exactly what writing is!

Christy Heron has sent out 3 copies signed with a personal note to our soldiers and hopes her novels will be passed around and reach as many soldiers as possible. They may love it, they may not, but they damn well will be entertained by her raw and captivating writing style.

If you are interested in donating a book that YOU personally wrote or donate toward the enormous shipping bill please contact Armand Rosamilia. Below is the website and more information on how you can contribute:
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