"In the morning, I liked being in bed, in the new and unforeseen. I couldn’t stop the constant whiplashing from staring at him as he slept, and the ceiling. It was an analytical, tortuous night, a first of many that I could recall, but didn’t consider. He might lie, he would cheat, he threw/used/ played me like a yo-yo, yet he charmed me as I bathed in his fractional sociopathic behavior, and worshipped nothings I construed as somethings. 
A shirt straightening, “Sweetie,” and head inspection meant I would never ignore his calls or punish him for his unavoidable wickedness. He had goodness somewhere deep inside of him, a goodness I would nurture and domesticate. 
Only me.
I would walk the coast of California a million times to be able to feel his breath on my neck, his bite on my back. 
To be near this man. 
And. That. Was. It."

Heron, Christy. Unrequited - One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka. (Kindle Locations 484-489). Waverly Blonde Books and Easiest/Hardest Publishing. Kindle Edition. 
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