Read the first line from the first ten chapters

1.     I blame Frank Sinatra.

2.     Jack wasn’t always Short Fat Fuck.

3.     Jack never gave me his phone number. 

4.     I called Jack the next afternoon to get his version.

5.     “Listen, quickly, I need, today, 25 Vogue magazines, vintage, from the 1960s and 70s for a good friend of mine from Spain.  Spanish Vogue if you can find it.”

6.     I hadn’t seen Jack in months, so I sent my brother into his store for recon: a hip record store with imports, framed concert t-shirts from the 60’s and 70’s on the wall and three aisles of impressive vinyl. 

7.     The incest began. 

8.     “I saw your man out last night,” B7 confessed after we shrieked like a pig being gut fucked, alerting neighbors and his 90 year-old grandma. 
9.     At the Roost, a humbler arena, Vanity Fair and I summarized our weekend we spent at a local wine festival. 

10. Work and co-workers sucked.  

Music to inspire:

* Magic Man by Heart

* Say by Girl in a Coma

* Sexting by Ludacris

Art: Irving Penn (photo 2)

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