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A novel about one girl, thirteen boys, and vodka

Instead of a story about an unrealistic beau, a mousy woman, and a delusional plot, wouldn’t you like to read about a character, January Estlin, who you can commiserate with and say,

I’ve been through that.  I know exactly what she means.

Refreshing, right? 

Anyone who has ever walked up to a barstool or been on a date will relate to Unrequited. This novel is distinctive: illuminated by a unique writing style unlike anything you’ve ever read. 

The Scoop:

Within a year of meeting Jack, January quits her job and moves from Los Angeles to the town Jack calls home.  Problem is, he has a girlfriend, while January - the stylish, cultured, blonde beauty - is single and desperately in love with him.  In the small California coastal community, she parties, writes for a local magazine, and dates as often as she puts her car key in the ignition.  However, her number one priority is Jack, and January will do anything to turn their sporadic fling into a committed relationship.   

Why does she love him?  Let's pick one reason at random.

Number 172 of 10,000:  Jack side-cars more of January’s emotional and physical triumphs, (and failures), than any other man before him.  Four years of faces and necks fused together, cocktailed encounters, sober encounters, thousands of keystrokes, (some reciprocated, some ignored), proclaimed every visceral and cognizant idea and sensation she possessed.  As January puts it,

He was the Grand Canyon.  I was the tourists’ spit below.

Unrequited is a true to life exposé of how and why salacious, (and true) love unravels and restores.  January’s journey entertains readers with a collection of characters and experiences defining everyday people searching for, suffering from, or savouring love and sex.  Nowhere else will book lovers discover a fresh, raw, and authentically messy peek into an age where texts replace inky, cocktail napkin love notes, and late night sex is camouflage for a date.

Unrequited isn't only about January's years of demise, despair and broken hearts. With characters named Childless Brad Pitt, Liver, and Vanity Fair, audiences will be delectably shocked and surprised, and laugh while doing so.  

On pages filled with action, narrative, diary entries, and texts, January encounters mental illness, death, and a Black Sea of Ketel One.  Throughout the story she makes countless trips through bedroom doors amid a crippling obsession, and 'relationship', with Jack.  She must figure out why she feels so much for one particular boy what she must do to change her circumstances.  January's story takes readers to Vegas, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, and even Fiji.

After demolishment and intermittent anguish, resolution may come in the form of Cress Reiter, a rich and gorgeous Hollywood agent and single dad.  Will January heal herself, move on and grow up or will she decant the rest of her life into a champagne flute while pursuing the unattainable?   

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