Milky Chanel might be the most important character in Unrequited

I'm all over the place with these blog posts chronicling Unrequited with images, but every week I think of something you would like, or that interests me, and deliciously I'm brought back to a particular scene.  We've visited this scene before but I think you'll dig it anyway.

Milky Chanel is special to me.  A Kennedy by marriage, her dialogue kicks off the story and spawns a desperate January in Unrequited.

In researching her look, I discovered images of elegant women smoking are gorgeous.  And I've always loved vintage art featuring anything having to do with smoking.

Scroll all the way to the end to read all and see all.

xxoo Christy

An excerpt from Unrequited:

I blame Frank Sinatra.

Years ago I watched a movie about the Rat Pack starring Ray Liotta as Sinatra and a bunch of other guys starring as the rest of the Rat Pack.  At one point the pack attended a fancy dinner at a boozy Kennedy’s house.  

The stupid-rich grande dame of the party, with her sexy, middle-aged drawl, explained the appeal of Sinatra to an intrigued redhead sitting across from her.  Milky Chanel dress, too much makeup, a haze of smoke surrounding her, she commanded the gold rimmed table while redhead leaned in.  Chanel whispered, her eyes never parting with Sinatra’s,

“You want to fuck him, you want to mother him, you don’t want to piss him off.” 

            The dialogue she exhaled legitimized everything I felt for Jack.  Her lyrical bluntness stoked my own personal bonfire, which I feared might never be extinguished, or would be.  

            Chanel, a snow white cigarette filter a fingerbreadth from her mouth, stylishly sashayed around my head.  Because of her pragmatic and subjective exclamation, I plotted.  I pressed pause on the remote and grabbed a pencil. 
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