Longs For a Cheeseburger...

November 18, 2004

I went back to the Shack.  Again.  The reasons were easier to manipulate or visualize.  I was vodka, Jack was lime.  Hopeful for second chances, I toasted myself and followed him around like a stray, horny, pathetic puppy.  Checking for me over his shoulder and rolling his eyes to his friends, he didn’t ignore me but he didn’t speak to me.  With CIA operative skills, I interrogated one of his friends: a punk, scraggly, skinny skateboarder who was staying at Jack’s over the weekend. 
“Hey.”  Sleepy, unattractive eyes, head nodding.  His arms and legs didn’t know it yet but longed for a cheeseburger.
“What are you drinkin’?”  A wallet with a chain attached appeared on the bar.
“You know Jack right?”
“Yep, best friends.”  Five dollar bills passed in front of Too Tan from his skinny, brown hands and he ordered shots.
“Tell me about him.”
Too Tan dumped ingredients for an ‘Attitude Adjustment’ shot in her shaker.
“You’re cute; why do you want him, he’s an asshole.” 
“I thought he was your friend.”
“He is.”  Longs for a Cheeseburger downed his shot before his head inclined toward my face.  “But he’s an asshole, don’t waste your time.”
At 1 a.m. we marched out of the Shack two by two.  Me and Longs for a Cheeseburger in one car, Jack and a boyish girl in another.  Jack's tattoos shot down his arm from under a short sleeve as he held the steering wheel.  Strong, strong arms.  In all of his fuckwit glory, he smiled, nodded and flirted at his house – a mile from the Shack with five guy roommates.  An hour went by.  Boys studied their cell phones, girls pretended to gossip in corners and sweaty hands held sweaty beers as hookups were cherry-picked before 3 a.m.  He came and went, flirting with everyone.  Longs for a Cheeseburger told me he was staying at a different house nearby.
“A ride?”  I realized it was a ploy for sex but everything else in the house, Longs for a Cheeseburger especially, was subterfuge.
Longs for a Cheeseburger drained his beer. 
“Ok, I’ll do it, if Jack tags along.”
“Sure sweetie.”  Jack chuckled from the other side of the kitchen counter.  Longs for a Cheeseburger and his chain wallet headed towards the door.
            After dropping him and his chain wallet off, a mild buzz of tension adhered to the gearshift. 
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