Jack and January's cemetery rendezvous

He approached me and instincts told me to kneel and lay back first.  Crawling on top of me we attacked each other in between two graves.  Bringing a blanket from my trunk didn’t cross my vodka’d consciousness.  Wet, painful and rough sex facilitated our bodies to end up in front of a tall tombstone.  Then a stumpy one, then one underfoot, grey and decrepit.  My ass and back burned as I flipped over and shoved him to the bottom. 
If I ride him someone might see us. 

Buttons ripped and underwear became fossilized beneath loved ones’ corpses.  I remembered driving by the graveyard as a kid, now our temporary mattress.  My moistened hair massaged itself in the brown grass and Jack bore into me with a pointed force.  He already flipped me back over.  Our mouths opened as if to scream silently, or scream out kiss me.
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